Persona 3 The Movie Impressions/review


Full art

I wanted to try finding some additional design space for the Tribute mechanic. Every Tribute card thus far has an enters the battlefield trigger, so I wanted to explore a card that used the +1/+1 counters a different way. Also, from a flavor aspect, it’s perfectly reasonable to pay tribute to wrathful gods to keep them happy.

Very cool

Kill la Kill episode 18 impressions

Character art and stuff from the Persona 3 movie.

A nice two page spread of the main characters in Persona 3 Movie #1. Some background art from the film.

Visually, the whole thing was much better than I expected.

Finally caught the P3 movie today. Got a cool card from the theater and bought the movie booklet. Pics coming later, full review this week.

Original by: 巷島


Original by: 巷島


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Revisiting Final Fantasy VII in Japanese Part 2: Leaving Midgar

It’s no secret that the opening six or so hours in Midgar is my favorite portion of Final Fantasy VII. The size and scope of the city really blew my mind when I was younger, even if it barely compares to some of the cities of today’s RPGs (stares at Zero no Kiseki’s Crossbell).

Within that turbulent opening, my personal favorite sequence has to go to the Wall Market and its odd mix of adult themes and goofiness. Cloud infiltrates a Soap Land (places for prostitution fairly well known here in Japan), works out with some homoerotic body builders, and ultimately dresses like a girl at the behest of Aerith. One interesting thing I noticed between the English and Japanese versions of the game is how much more direct and forceful Aerith is during this initial sequence.

When the two of them try to bust into the Don’s mansion, Aerith recommends that Cloud dress like a girl as it’s the only way for the plan to work. In the Japanese version however, her tone is much different. She commands Cloud to dress like a girl. It seems like a tiny difference, but it says a lot more about her personality in my opinion.

The whole Midgar sequence is sprinkled with moments like these that give the cast a bit more personality. I was never very fond of the characters of FFVII because their dialogue felt toneless to me much of the time. I’m not getting that impression this time around.

In any case, I made my way of Midgar and hit Kalm, where I’ve been doing some grinding. Tifa seems much more skeptical during Cloud’s flashback story in the Japanese version, which makes sense considering she knows it’s all bullshit he took from somebody else.

Normally this is around the time I start to get bored/worn out, but I’m feeling pretty good about this playthrough currently. Hopefully that holds true till the end credits roll.


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