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Yup. We’re done here.

RIP Elliot

Lots of interesting stuff here. Bullying problem, a death in some kind of room, dangerous driving incidents, falsified evidence, tax raises, people going on rampages.


Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: DanganRonpa AnotherEpisode shots from this week’s Dengeki Playstation magazine. The focus is entirely on the lovely Genocider and her crazy cray self. She has a Fever gauge that builds up, allowing her to use her fever mode that can annihilate enemies. We also have a look at the many different facial expressions of Touko and Genocider. There are many. 

Dengeki dump coming up on my twitter: @RyougaSaotome.

This week’s cover goes to Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold.

New trailer for SE’s upcoming Chaos Rings III for mobile and Vita. Looks pretty solid!

A couple of new shots for Fatal Frame (Zero): Nuregarasu no Miko for the Wii U.

Introduces Ren Houjou, a writer who wanders into the mountains for usable materials in his work. Game progression uses missions which you can select and replay. 

New Final Fantasy Explorers shots from this week’s Famitsu.

We get to enjoy the lovely Ninja and Time Mage jobs, a look at the new Ramuh (Check that face!), and Fenrir as well. After the previous night’s livestream, I’m really starting to feel the hype for this one. Rather than go the Monster Hunter route, it looks like a slightly simplified version of XIV’s battle system. Super cool.

Shots of this week’s Persona 4 Ultimax cover story. A handful of cute little manga strips too. 

Getting ready to do my Famitsu image dump over on my Twitter: @RyougaSaotome. This week’s cover story is a Persona 4 Ultimax. Great art.

Animation key frames from Kill la Kill OP 1. It’s really cool to see this sort of thing come to life in a very real way.

Part 1 cause there are a ton of these coming up later. Hahaha.