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So much to my surprise, a lot has been added to the exploration mechanics of the game. Coming off of Dead Patient (which mostly didn’t do a whole lot different save for some cool lighting, this really caught me off guard.

There are health items which restore your HP after you take damage from fallen glass or an evil spirit. Your flashlight is also limited in power, so you collect batteries which can be used to recharge it.

Additionally, there are now lockers that you can hide in when you’re being chased. If you hide while the creature/ghost/thing has you in plain sight, they’ll pull you out and do damage to you.

The screen you get is also creepy as fuck.

Corpse Party Blood Drive might not be some crazy graphical powerhouse, but the real time lighting in the game is super spooky. The flashlight is a limited device, meaning you have to find batteries to keep it powered up. The only downside is that the framerate drops a bit, but it’s not super bad.

Also the sound design is as amazing as ever.

"Use the toilet."

"Don’t use the toilet."

Now I know for sure that this is a Corpse Party game.

Started Corpse Party: Blood Drive. I was really fond of the 3D models in Dead Patient. Nice to see the other series embrace it too.

New details on Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: DanganRonpa AnotherEpisode emerged in this week’s issue of Famitsu. 

The game takes place approximately one years after the end of DanganRonpa.

It’s the first game in the series to feature fully animated cutscenes. All of these are being handled by Seiji Kishi and the animation studio Lerche.

Article hints that Komaru might have been caught and trapped somewhere post DanganRonpa. 

There will be plenty of illustrations during the story, all of them handled by Riru Shimado. It’s not a numbered title, but AnotherEpisode actually makes use of the most assets in the series.

New character (page 1 bottom left) named Haiji Towa. He’s the adult leader of the resistance, the group that the Warriors of Hope are trying to annihilate.

Shirokuma and Kurokuma. Shirokuma chills at the Resistance’s homebase and is something like an idol to the adults. Kurokuma serves as an advisor of sorts for the Warriors of Hope.

There are eight types of word bullets that can be loaded into Komaru’s weapon. Each type has a different effect on the thing it hits.

-The most common one is “Kowarero,” which simply does damage to Monokumas.

-“Fukitobe” bullets send Monokuma flying. It’s possible to hit multiple enemies with this attack.

-“Odore” bullets force the Monokuma it hits to start dancing in place, locking down their movement momentarily.

-“Shibirero” bullets paralyze Monokuma while continuously doing damage for a period of time.

-“Ugoke” bullets have no effect on Monokuma, but when used on electronic objects, it forces them to start moving.

-“Kansatsu” bullets have no effect on Monokuma but allow you to see things you otherwise would not be able to.

-Moero” bullets light Monokuma on fire. Can be fired in succession. 

-“Tsunagare” bullets allow you to briefly control a Monokuma after successfully making impact.

This week’s Famitsu introduces four different Monokuma enemy types. Guard Monokuma, Bomber Monokuma, Ball Monokuma, and Siren Monokuma.

If Komaru’s health drops to zero, you entire Zetsubou Time. If you still have a charge in your stungun, by pressing the button prompted on screen, you can escape with your life. Fail/lack a charge, and Monokuma eats you and you get a gameover.

That’s most of the details for now, but I’m really liking how they seem to have avoided simply making a basic 3rd person shooter. The word bullets help give it the proper DanganRonpa flavor.

Translations by me.

Marie joins Persona 4 Ultimax as a DLC character. Her release date is currently under wraps.

As for her combat style involves pulling stuff out of her bag, like Igor’s head for example. Her attacks also cover a wide range. Her one hit KO move is a reference to her P4Golden storyline. 

The lobby system has been updated to resemble an arcade of sorts where you have your own personal avatar that you can color. It’s actually pretty neat.

More deets as they come in folks. Translated bits by me.

Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko for the Wii U. Release date is 2014 9/27 in Japan.

Official Trailer: 

Latest game in the Fatal Frame series.

Girl puts out a missing persons request for a friend. She disappeared in the mountains.

Main character is named Kozukata Yuuri. She’s a “kagemi,” basically a private eye with the ability to find those who have been taken into the spirit realm, and bring them back to reality. She accepts the job and heads to Hikamiyama, a mountain said to be highly dangerous. “Mountain of death.”

Use the gamepad to take pictures of ghosts.

Lots of Mansions and houses. Open area.

The central visual theme is water. Flowing water, rain, moisture.

Supposedly the volume of the game is set to be the largest in the series.

Ending theme is Higanbana by AnJu. 

The above screenshots are thanks to 4gamer. Translated bits are mine.



too bad klk wasnt set in the 80s >:^)

This is a wonderful piece of art that really captures the feel of the period.


(via ko-gil)


Gundam BF page updated, new staff & cast (characters).

A much better version of the key visual! I am inept with extracting these things from websites \o/

Gundam Build Fighters Try starts in October! Key visual! Website full of updates. Takes place seven years later at Sei’s school. TEAM BATTLES.


[Official Site]